You Will Dress - Trainer

You Will Dress - Trainer
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

Dressing in women's clothing is becoming your favorite past time, your obsession, your addiction. YOU WILL DRESS! Yes, my pet, you will dress like a girl. It is what I am wanting. You are wanting to please me, aren't you? I know that you are! From this moment forward, you will begin to collect a feminine wardrobe. Every single day, you will wear at least one item or accessory that is feminine. That's right, Pet, every single day you will dress. Your reward will be an overwhelming feeling of femininity. Isn't that what you want, to be my submissive female pet? You are becoming obsessed with panties, bras, skirts, negliges, slips, sandals, lipstick, makeup, all things girly! Earrings, necklaces, sparkly things, all things feminine. Feel your obsession growing stronger and stronger. You just can not get enough of nancing around in women's clothing and accessories. By choosing to wear these things you show how submissive you are, and how willing you are to explore as a sissy. That makes your Mistress very proud. There is nothing that can keep you from wearing these items, from buy these items and becoming the sissy you were born to be. Yes, dressing up feels so natural to you. YOU WILL DRESS! Now, slip into something cute and sexy, something ultra feminine. Look at yourself in the mirror, my good girl! You are so very submissive, just the way I like my girls to be. You do please me very much. I am your Mistress... There is no turning back now, Pet. Only moving forward. Your desire to dress becomes stronger and stronger every single day. Soon, your drawers will be overflowing with panties and bras and sexy feminine clothing. Your closet will be bursting at the seams with sexy dresses and gowns. You will have so many pairs of sexy shoes, and gorgeous accessories. You love collecting wigs and makeup. You love to get all dressed up and take pictures of yourself.

If there is any male part of you that wants to resist this transformation, SQUASH IT! Right now, remove that part of you because YOU WILL DRESS! Smash out that part of your male brain right now. Feel it disappearing. It is gone! YOU WILL DRESS!

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