Tutu - Loop

Tutu - Loop
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  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE


Close your eyes and start spinning. You love wearing a tutu. Whenever you slip into your tutu, you immediately feel so feminine. Yes, your tutu makes you feel as innocent as a little girl, as elegant as a classy lady. You are obsessed with wearing your tutu. Whenever you put it on you feel like twirling and spinning. The more you twirl, the more you spin, the more dizzy you become. You find yourself falling into a state of feminine bliss. You dream of yourself being a world class ballerina. Whenever you are wearing your tutu, all you have to do is close your eyes and begin to twirl, and just like that - you are a woman! The woman you were born to be. Feel yourself falling into a state of complete and utter feminine BLISS! Wearing your tutu makes you feel so special, alive and beautiful. You feel as if you are floating on the air, just like a sensual ballerina. You are elegant and divine. Dance for me now. I want to see you spinning and twirling. I want to see you enjoying your life! Raise your hands up towards the heavens and bask in your beauty. Allow the universe to shower you with love, beauty, and femininity. The more you spin, the more feminine you feel.

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Price $45.00

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