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You, My Dear are a cute, little, adorable tomboy. You love to wear your hair in a cute little pixie cut. You are obsessed with jeans and t-shirts. You love finding ways of exploring your feminine nature in a more masculine way. Embracing your lifestyle as a tomboy gives you so much freedom to express yourself in a feminine way, sort of incognito. Not everybody has to know that inside you are a girl. You are able to give off little hints of your femininity here and there without being overly obvious. You identify with being a tomboy and it feels so good. You're not into ruffles and frills, or tons of makeup, no you like to express yourself in your own way! You are a tomboy! You are so lucky because you can be yourself everywhere you go. Just imagine all the fun ways you can express your femininity as a tomboy. On the inside you are just one of the girls, aren't you? This is who you were born to be, it is who you are. The more you allow yourself to be a tomboy, the more feminine you begin to feel.


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