The Ultimate Feminization Program

The Ultimate Feminization Program
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feminization hypnosis

This Program Includes

1. Two Audio Files (Track 1. Full Length Feminization Exploration Session, Track 2. The Utlimate Feminization Sub Trainer, Extended Version)

2. Three Feminization Worksheets

This Program Will Help You:

1. Discover what you already love about yourself. Never underestimate the power of gratitude. Yes, this includes being happy about where you are right now on your feminization journey. It's the best place to start, My Dear. It's time for you to become a Gratitude Goddess!

2. Discover the areas you MOST want to make progress in. I'm not talking about the surface superficial things but instead, the things that really matter deep down inside! If you know what matters the most, you can focus on that and make some REAL changes this year!

3. Get in tune with your ULTIMATE Feminization Fantasy. In your wildest dreams... who are you 12 months from now?

4. Decide if you are ready to take this journey. There is no point in starting unless you are fully committed to becoming the woman of your dreams. During the meditation you will find out just how ready you are.

5. See clearly what blocks (mental or physical) are in your way, and help you remove them once and for all!

6. Set into motion an action plan!

7. Keep track of your goals and accomplishments.

8. Help you set rewards for yourself for extra incentive.

9. Figure out YOUR FEMME MANTRA! Discover what unique message you need to hear when you're feeling down or lost on your Femme Path.

10. Accountability! Putting things down on paper and taking the time to map them out will help you hold yourself accountable for your goals, dreams and desires. They will no longer be abstract ideas.


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