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You are a strong alpha male. You love being in control and taking charge. You are overtaken by the beauty of your partner. Her naked body amazes you and turns you on beyond comprehension. You find her even more goregous than any bilogical female you've ever encountered. You are not only comfortable with your sexuality and choice to be with a transsexual woman, you are proud of it. You are completely turned on by the sight of her cock.

You long and care to worship and adore it. Sucking on it is a sign of you acceptance of your partner for who she is. Even just thinking of her cock makes you drool. You are excited to take her cock deep into your throat. You long to taste her sweet and juicy cum. Imagine how amazing it is going to feel when she calls out your name during love making. See yourself taking control and having your way with her. See her surrendering under your control, as much as she is a gift to you - you are a gift to her as well. Imagine laying in each other's arms, holding one another and kissing passionately. doesn't that feel so good?


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