Spread for Master - Hypnotic Loop

Spread for Master - Hypnotic Loop
  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Master knows exactly what your heart desires… a cock in your little sissy asshole!

“So you want Master to play with your sissy ass, do you? Show me pet. Show me your little asshole. Get own on your hands and your knees for Master. You love having a cock in your ass. Now, spread those cheeks. Wider. Wider! That’s right, get ready for your Master. Master loves your tight little virgin asshole. I can’t wait to pound my cock deep into your sweet, tight ass. Are you ready for Master? Inch by inch, feel my massive cock! Take it like a slut. Oh yeah! Master stretches out your little sissy ass. Your ass belongs to me now. Go ahead, fuck yourself with your dildo for Master. Good slut. Feel yourself becoming more and more addicted.”

As you listen to Master’s voice, feel your desires growing stronger and stronger. You need to worship a cock. You need to have your ass filled with a huge throbbing dick, don’t you, pet? Yes, you do! Say it! Feel it! Surrender.


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Price $45.00