Secret Fem - Trainer

Secret Fem - Trainer
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

"There is a girl deep inside of you. She is longing for recognition. It is time for you to give her the recognition that she is seeking. It is time for you to go out and get her name tattooed on your body for all to see! When somebody asks you, "Who is she?" this girl that you have tattooed on your body; you will tell them all about this amazing woman and how she makes you feel. You see this tattoo isn't just a tattoo. It's an opportunity for you to speak about the girl within. For you to give her praise. For you to honor her in the most amazing way possible. You are the Secret Fem. It is time to reveal your secret. You love the way that it feels when people notice your tattoo. It serves as a constant reminder or the girl within. Every time you see it, you are reminded of her importance to you. In that moment her feelings are validated. When you talk about her, her feelings grow stronger within. She is becoming more and more real every single day. This tattoo gives you a unique opportunity to reveal your true self to anyone and everyone who asks about the name on your skin. It feels sooo good!"

This is a really awesome loop that will  program your mind to get your femme name tattooed on your skin. It will deepen your love of yourself and give you a unique opportunity to express your femininity in a more public way.

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Price $45.00