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You are an absolute stud—bursting with sex appeal. You grow more fuckable all the time. Your purpose? Pleasure. You were made to make love. Women want you and crave your cock. You love to be looked at—attention turns you on. You religiously do what's best for your body. Every day, your sex drive gets stronger and stronger. You cannot keep your thoughts clean, can you? The more sex you have, the happier you feel.
Fuck inhibition. You need to be naked—and free. Your performance improves with every experience. Pussy completes you. You need it. You know it. Your confidence is steadily increasing. You constantly think empowering thoughts. You are a compulsive flirt and always send the right signals. You are completely cool and comfortable in every situation. You have a fabulous smile and love showing it off. You are witty and laugh often. You consistently make quality eye contact. You carry yourself with poise and purpose—everywhere you go.


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