Rite of Passage - Trainer

Rite of Passage - Trainer
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

It is time. Time for you to take the next step on your feminine journey. It is time for you to get your ears pierced. Getting your ears pierced is such a special occasion. It is like a rite of passage into becoming a grown woman. You are so excited about getting your ears pierced, you can not wait until you are sitting in that chair and have chosen your first pair of earrings! All of the attention is on you. This is your moment. Yes, you even love the way that it feels when your ears are pierced. Though slightly painful, the pleasure that comes from having your ears pierced, it's so overwhelming. It's like getting your female cherry popped in a strange sort of way. You have something to show for it too! Every time you look into the mirror you are reminded of your birth right to be a woman. Your earrings serve as a symbol of your femininity. You love collecting new earrings, trying them on and wearing them! Oh, the many colors & styles to choose from. Each one giving you a unique opportunity to express yourself as a woman.


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