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Over the years I have had countless clients come to me with questions wondering why they feel the need to be feminized. The reasons vary from person to person. Some girls are born in the wrong body. Others developed femme obsessions as early on as toddler hood!

During this session I will hypnotize you and then take you back into your past to help you discover the origin of your inner femme.

The reason this session is such a gift is because once you know where your inner femme comes from you can decide how you want to move forward.

If you're worried about what you might discover in this session relax.

Several of my clients have found innocent childhood obsessions turned into fetishes. For instance the client who had a female sibling 9 months older than him whose parents were very gender specific and strict. His memory took him back to a one year old who was swimming with his sister and she had on a very sparkly swimsuit. He remembered tugging at it and being denied such a beautiful swimsuit. Do you think a one year old understand gender? They don't. From that moment forward an obsession with everything his sister had that he couldn't have developed, from Barbie Dolls to wearing makeup and mini skirts!

Once this particular client found the origin of his inner femme he said he no longer felt the need to dress, and for the first time in his life he felt FREE. He later went on to marry a beautiful woman and I believe they have now have children.

Other clients of mine have discovered they were born in the wrong body, or perhaps they had a mother who was told she was carrying a little girl, or desperately wanted a little girl. Imagine the effect a mother's energy has on a fetus! Perhaps your origin goes back before you were even born. Many of my clients who have finally discovered this is just who they are have completely changed their perspective on feminization as a fetish and have gone forward with full gender reassignment surgery and are now living as full time women.

And of course then there are those who discover this is just a FUN fetish for them, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

Regardless of your Femme Origin you will find a new sense of freedom. You will no longer feel confused, or weird for wanting what you want.

I recommend this session for anyone struggling with the need to be feminized, especially those who purge.


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Price $375.00