Pleasure Key - Loop

Pleasure Key - Loop
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  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

If you're longing for a little pleasure you must learn the key to your pleasure. I'm going to give you the key. From this moment forward you will only be able to achieve orgasm by using this special, magical key.

In the past you may have been able to reach orgasm while masturbating or with a partner but from now on, the only time you will reach any state of sexual pleasure is when you are pleasing a cock. Either orally or anally! The only time you will get hard is when your lover is hard. The only time you will be able to cum is when he is cumming.

You might be wondering what happens when you don't have access to a cock? Let me tell you what happens...Nothing! You are unable to get it up or experience any type of release. Yes, you are obsessed with COCKS! You're longing for one right now, aren't you pet? I know how badly you long to have a cock in your mouth, or one pounding your sissy pussy/ass. How does it feel to be completely dependent on a cock? You love it! Yes, you do!

A cock IS your KEY! You only feel complete when you have a cock in your hand, mouth or ass! You are addicted and unable to resist. Enjoy my sweet pet.

Pleasing = pleasing! You, my dear, are a pleaser indeed! Take a cock deep in your mouth and worship it, suck it, please it sweetheart!


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