Pimped Sissy - Erotic Audio

Pimped Sissy - Erotic Audio
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

This is a super erotic fantasy session where you fly out to Austin to meet your Mistress, Moi! When you arrive you are lead into a hotel which just happens to be abandoned. Nobody will hear you, Pet. I know how bad you long to please me and tonight you will. You see, I'm pimping you out! I've got four very well endowed men who have paid a handsome price to use & violate a fine little sissy such as yourself!

You are lead into my suite, where you are then stripped naked, and bathed by my very handsome and well hung assistant, George. He prepares you for a night of pimped out whoredome. He dresses you up in a proper sissy uniform with huge breast forms that feel so real!

The first client enters and you service him like a good little slut would. Once he blows his load, Mistress instructs you to swallow every last drop. The next to enter the room are a set of twins! Imagine one in your mouth, while the other is in your sissy ass. Lovely!

Finally, a closet "tranny lover" enters. He worships you like the Goddess you wish you were! Feel his mouth wrapped around your sissy pussy. He swallows you while worshipping your large breast forms. You watch yourself in the mirror that hangs on the ceiling above. You've never experience a night of complete orgasmic bliss like this! Be prepared to have the ORGASM of your LIFE tonight pet.



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Price $45.00