Petal Spell

Petal Spell
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  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE
Unlock the magical gateway to femininity! It is time to allow yourself to become the woman you long to be! Use this spell to help enhance your journey.
As sweet as honey,
As silky as cream,
Pink and red roses,
unlock my dream!
I'm becoming a woman, more and more each day
The light from the candle calls,"here, come this way."

Spell Essentials

1. One White Candle

2. Two Cups Full Fat Milk OR Cream

3. 1/2 Cup Honey

4. Two Handfuls of Red & Pink Rose Petals.

Start this spell by filling up your bath tub with warm water. Get all of the essential ingredients ready and set them near the bath. Start the recording and follow the instructions.

Repeat this spell every Sunday for one month.

Post Hypnotic Feminization Triggers attached to the colors pink & red, milk, cream, the color white, and anything sweet! :)

Please Note: This recording includes an intro but no hypnosis induction. It loops for approximately 30 minutes.


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Price $45.00