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  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Wanting to try a softer feminization fantasy? In this wonderful recording you will find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of wind chimes. Suddenly there is a flash outside your window. You run to the window and open it to see what is there, and you are knocked back onto your bed by a tiny little pixie who comes flying thru the window at lightening speed!

In a daze with stars flying around your head you begin to make out the shape of a tiny little woman who is apologizing while standing on your chin. She says she will do anything to please you. She is so sorry for disturbing your sleep and making such a ruckus. "Anything?" you say. "Anything!" she replies. In minutes she is waving her wand around and her pixie dust is falling gently down on your body... pay close attention, relish every second as your fantasy transformation begins.


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Price $45.00