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  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

This magical subliminal trainer will attract to you exactly what your heart desires... Pink bubbles, beautiful heart shaped bubbles. When I was a little girl I used to sit and doodle for hours. I'd draw beautiful shapes, bubbles, stars, hearts were my favorite. I recently bought myself a journal and began to listen to beautiful music and doodle at the end of each day... I noticed a great sense of connection to life and a feeling of freedom during my meditations. This sub trainer is to be used while you are free style doodling. Do not try to draw anything specific.

The sub trainer will help you let go and loosen up while you draw. It works very well on loop mode. The subliminal messages in the background will help you learn to let go and free yourself from self judgement. This is a very important part of becoming the woman you wish to be. As you listen and doodle you will begin to feel beautiful. You will feel free. You will feel alive. You will feel the very core of who you are deep down inside begin to surface, and let me reassure you.. you are beautiful!


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