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  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

And this is the part where you get all dressed up in your favorite black thigh highs, and your favorite petticoat! I want you to lean back and I want you to watch yourself in the mirror, and I want you to begin to play with your naughty, naughty little pussy stick. Get it nice and hard, start to stroke it. Yes, I want you to use your petticoat to stroke your cock! Just look at you, standing in front of the mirror, all dressed up... soo girly and yet not girly at all. You try so hard. During the day you pretend to be so masculine to cover up your naughty little fetish.

Right now I want you to look into your eyes, look at the way you are dressed! Standing in front of the mirror stroking your cock wearing women's clothing! Isn't that hot? It's soo kinky! What would you do if your wife or your girlfriend walked in on you right now? Or worse yet, what if your mother was here? What if your Mother was standing over your shoulder and she was watching  you? I bet you'd  blow your load all over that petticoat wouldn't you? During this program you'll stroke your cock with your petticoat until you explode! When your cum drips out and oozes into your hand I'm going to make you taste it! That's right, cum is your reward! You are becoming addicted to cock!


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Price $45.00