• Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Don’t you just love going to the nail salon and getting your feet pedicured? I know that I do. Imagine that you’re sitting in the pedicure chair right now. Feel your feet being covered in warm, soapy water. You will make an appointment to get your feet a pedicure. The instant that you feel the warm water on your feet every cell in your body will relax.

One of your favorite parts of the experience is choosing your favorite nail color. Pink makes you feel soft, romantic, and flirtatious. Red makes you feel bold, daring, passionate and sensual. A French manicure makes you feel elegant, classy and sophisticated. However, you are not limited to these colors alone. You will find an entire wall filled with colors to choose from. Let your inner femme do the picking.

It is time for you to make your appointment. You are obsessed with getting pedicures. You are looking forward to this luxurious experience. You simply must follow through because you are looking forward to how feminine you feel when you look down at your painted toes.


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Price $35.00