feminization nipple worship
  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

You are addicted to nipples. You love to suck on them, lick them, touch them, twist them, taste them. You love to WOSHIP nipples.

You also love to have your own nipples sucked on, licked, touched, twisted, and tasted.

From now on whenever you pleasure your Mistress OR your lover's nipples you will feel your own nipples become extremely aroused. Whenever you have a nipple in your mouth and you begin to suck ever so gently, you will begin to feel your little clit getting nice and hard, and dripping wet!

You love to lick your Mistress OR your lover's nipples because when you do it makes your little clit go crazy... it makes you feel so submissive and feminine to share this nurturing experience...

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Price $35.00