Mistress Slave - Trainer

Mistress Slave - Trainer
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

Kneel before me, pet. Keep your eyes on the ground where they belong. Tell me you're my pet. You belong to me. In this guided masturbation session you are my slave. Your body and your mind belong to me. Feel my hands as I run them through your hair, tugging gently as I draw your face towards my warm pussy. Breathe deeply. Good, pet. Slip into a pair of sexy panties which become a temporary chastity device, while I slip into my strap-on. Get back down on your knees and prepare to suck my strap-on until your mouth aches from pleasure. Then, suck some more! In this session you will be guided to discipline yourself just as I would if I were with you in person. This session includes nipple torture, spanking and anal penetration, which means, yes you will need a vibrator or something similar to shove up your sissy ass. You are only allowed to play with your pussy stick when I instruct you to do so. You will cum all over yourself, wipe yourself off with your sexy panties, and then those panties will become a gag for your little sissy mouth. Each time you listen to this session you will become more and more addicted to being my slave. Your body is for my pleasure. Your mind is for my pleasure. You long to worship, please, spoil, and obey me. You crave to know what it is that I desire, and your only wish is my command.


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