• Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Yes, you are becoming obsessed with getting your nails done. It is time for you to make an appointment at your local nail salon. Oh how you love to be primped and pampered. You cannot resist making the appointment. You love the way it feels when you’re sitting in the manicure chair. Feel your hands soaking in the warm soapy water. Look at how clean and trimmed your cuticles are, and feel the oil as the manicurist rubs it in.

You love the way you feel as the color is being applied. Pink makes you feel soft, romantic, and flirtatious. Red makes you feel bold, daring, passionate and sensual. A French manicure makes you feel elegant, classy and sophisticated. However, you are not limited to these colors alone. You will find an entire wall filled with colors to choose from. Let your inner femme do the picking. From this moment forward every time you notice your painted nails you will feel ultra feminine.

Feel yourself seeking deeper and deeper into becoming a woman. Notice how you choose different colors each time you go to the salon. The color of nail polish you choose reflects your mood. You are unable to resist making the appointment.


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