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  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Charles has just placed his order for the maid of his dreams, and it seems you my dear fit the bill. You see Charles has a bit of an eccentric taste, he likes variety and the more taboo the better. Mrs. Rappaport thought you would be just the girl to please Charles when he asked for a blonde bombshell with a little "extra" as he put it. "She must have huge tits, be willing to perform all kinds of services, and submit to me... oh and she must have a little extra if you know what I mean."

Mrs. Rappaport knew exactly what Charles was looking for by a "little extra" and you have it! She calls you to her office "Now Elizabeth this is a very important client to Maid To Order, we are expecting you to follow thru with every task to the best of your ability. Don't let me down." You eagerly assure your boss that you will not, the job seems easy enough... at least that's what you thought before you got there. After this assignment you are sure to ask for a huge raise!


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Price $45.00