Learning to Love Myself - Bundle

Learning to Love Myself - Bundle
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Are you ready to love yourself! I mean to TRULY love yourself? I've got an amazing bundle for you to download. It includes the following recordings:

A brand new file that is ONLY available with this bundle! 

Femme Origin - Have you been wondering where your femme feelings come from? Were you born this way? Are your feelings a product of a past experience? Now you can find out.


I'm super excited to release this new self discovery file! Lay down and relax. Allow your mind to surrender to relaxation.

You are guided to a beautiful canopy bed in the woods, where you fall into a deep, deep sleep. You wake to find a diary under your pillow. Next, the key. The key unlocks your subconscious mind, freeing your femme origin.

As you begin to write your memories down, you will not only discover your origin, you will be guided to express how you feel about your journey. This will help you make a decision with what to do with this new information. Should you proceed forward as a woman? Or, do you feel satisfied just in knowing why? Why, do you feel this way? Get the answers you've been desparately seeking today!


Sensual Creature - Trainer Sensual Creature - Are you ready to step inside of your future dream body? Every day you do this you are one step closer to becoming the woman of your dreams. Use the power of visualization and the law of attraction to get you one step closer to becoming the woman of your dreams. In this very powerful program you will literally step into your future feminine body!

You have always dreamed of becoming a sensual feminine creature. Now you can fully experience becoming this woman. You are living on the edge, you are ready, you are preparing yourself to receive the physical body of your dreams! A beautiful, feminine, sexy body. Imagine now the most beautiful feminine body standing before you. This is your DREAM body. It is so close, you simply have to reach out and touch it! I dare you. Touch it. See your dream body reaching out to touch you. Your hands join and you feel your palms melting into eachother. Feel your bodies merging. Feel your entire body being sucked into this beautiful, sensual, powerful, highly SEXUAL feminine body.

Allow yourself to enjoy this body, feel this body on for size. How does it feel when you are merged and living inside a beautiful and feminine body? Feel the softness of your skin, explore your new body inch by inch with a visualization that is so real you will become completely lost in femininity. Feast upon your beautiful body, imagine it, see it, and soon it is yours.




Romance - Sub Trainer - For those of you who are pessimistic about love I wanted to share with you some techniques I've found to creating my dream love life. It really does all begin within. It's hard to find the perfect romance if your idea of romance is tainted by other people's reality.

This recording will help you create your own idea of romance so that you may attract it into your life, swiftly. It contains some very special triggers attached to words and visual symbols that will subliminally attract romance into your life.



GODDESS ENERGYGoddeess Energy - A long time ago, before there was religion, before the bible, before men sat down and wrote about male gods & deities, there was only one deity, THE GODDESS. As long as there have been women on this earth, there has also been THE GODDESS.

 In every culture, in every time period, THE GODDESS has been known, loved and fully appreciated as the origin of every form of life. Connect yourself to Goddess Energy today. Feel the power of the Goddess, pray to THE GODDESS, allow her to guide you as you follow your path to femininity. Allow her magical powers to open unimaginable doors for you!



GIRL IN THE MIRRORGirl in the Mirror - This training file will make you see the woman you wish to be in the mirror every time you look into it. It contains a trigger that will allow you to see your male form only when you are needing to do certain things like shaving or personal grooming. Once you are finished it is back to your female reflection you go, beautiful, sensual goddess!


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