Latex Becomes You

Latex Becomes You
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

Excerpt: You naive, kinky rubber slut!  This body is now my body.  You had your chance, now its my turn!  Mmmmmmmm this latex feels absolutely delicious!  Something doesn't feel quite right though, I feel "empty", let's see what toys this kinky rubber whore has to play with :)    Mmmmmmm, my my a nice large vibrator, I guess this will do until I can get a real cock pounding my tight rubber ass!  Let's see, unzip this crotch zipper, lube my little sissy pussy and this wonderful toy all up! :)  MMMMMMM thats it :) now gently slip it inside of me, oooooooh that feeeeeels soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!   Now where is that zipper, there it is!  Time to seal myself back up.  mmmmmmmmmmmmm, trapped :)  


Time to rock this slut!  mmmmmmmm, up and down, up and down, rock it, that's it, surrender to that cock!  


That feels AWESOME!!! but something is still missing?????  AAAAAH!!!  I need a cock in my mouth!  hmmmmmm???? well, let's see what else I have for toys?  I guess this penis gag will have to do until I can get some REAL cock!


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Price $45.00