Ladyboy Secretary

Ladyboy Secretary
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

In this erotic fantasy, your company has just hired a new secretary. You have been obsessing over her for weeks! All you can think about is bending her over your desk and pounding her sweet little pussy. Finally, the day arrives and it is just the two of you alone in the office.

You call her around to your side of the desk, and kiss her passionately. You put your hands on her shoulders shoving her down to the floor so she can worship your cock. Feel her warm lips sucking on your cock as her hands massage your balls. You pick her up by her hair and throw her over your desk. When you reach down expecting to insert your fingers in her warm, wet pussy, your fingers are stopped by her enormous sissy balls! You feel a huge cock between her panties, and you become more turned on than ever before! Just image, all this time your fantasy shemale has been right under your nose. You spin her around and lay her back on your desk and your mouth finds its way to her pussy stick. You begin to worship that pussy stick. Suck on it. Taste it. Feel it growing inside your mouth. Look at her huge tits and her erect nipples pointing towards the ceiling. Crawl on top of her and slide your rock hard, throbbing cock into her tight sissy asshole! Ohhh, it feels sooo good, doesn't it pet? Fuck her like the little slut that she is.

From now on she is your love slave, your sissy pet. After all, nobody else knows she's a tranny in disguise. Don't worry, she'll be more than happy to crawl under your desk every day and worship your cock!


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Price $45.00

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