• Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Erotic fantasy meets forced feminization for the true sissy. You're my little princess, sissy bitch in pink panties and a babydoll. Welcome to my chamber pet. Come on in and relax. Look into my eyes, my hypnotic eyes and feel yourself falling deeper under my spell.

What is that over there? Oh you mean those pink panties and that babydoll? Those are just for you my sweet little pet. Pink is the perfect color for a submissive princess like yourself. Go put them on for me pet. While you are at it please grab my purse. Good girl.

What's this inside? Oh this is my favorite hot pink lipstick. Lean forward so I can put it on you. Tonight your lips are going to worship my body and I want the traces of your pink sissy lips to be all over my body.

Lean forward and feel my lips pressed up against yours. My tongue slowly enters your mouth teasing you. What's that? I see your sissy clitty getting all hard and erect you naughty sissy. Feel my hands as they shove your head down between my legs. Taste my dripping wet pussy. Explore it. I know you wish it was your pussy but it's MY pussy so you must worship it.

Then we'll get to my ASS, my lovely feminine ASS. Worship it pet. Lick it, kiss it, show me how submissive you truly are. I watch as you jerk your sissy stick off! Come all over met pet. I want you to lick your own cum off of my ASS! Leave your hot pink lipstick all over my ass.

This recording contains post hypnotic triggers attached to hot pink lipstick that will cause you to feel extremely submissive to me. You will want to please me and worship me as you should pet.

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