I'm a Girl - Loop

I'm a Girl - Loop
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It is time to unleash my inner girl, time to unleash the femme within. There are a million clues that let me know I'm a girl. Oh yes, I'm as much of a girl as there ever was one. How do I know I'm a girl? Well, to start, I absolutely love to wear makeup. I love to sit in front of the mirror and apply my makeup. I love to see myself transformed from the girl nextdoor into a beauty queen. That's how I know I'm a girl. I am obsessed with fashion. I always follow the latest trends.

I love trying on soft, silky, feminine clothing. I love wearing low cut shirts that show off my beautiful breasts, and short, short skirts that show off my sexy legs. I am obsessed with high heels and sexy stilettos. That's how I know I'm a girl. I love to watch chick flicks and read romance novels, and I cry at the silliest things you can imagine. I am obsessed with the colors pink and purple. I love feathers and sequinns, sparkles and glitter. If I could wear a crown every day, I would because I'm a girl! I love to take long baths, and mositurize my skin so that when I lay out in the sun, my body glistens. I am super sexy, and that's how I know I'm a girl. I love to stain my lips with lipstick and wear long fake eyelashes, which make my eyes look like the most beautiful eyes on the planet.... There are a million other reason why I know I'm a girl. You wanna find out? Listen to this file and see if you're a girl too!

The more you listen, the more convince you'll be that you are indeed a girl!



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