Her Chocolate Lover - Erotic Audio

Her Chocolate Lover - Erotic Audio
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

Her Chocolate lover is a hot and intense interracial cuckold fantasy!

This file was created off of the following custom audio notes:

"The focus of the file should be her sex with a black man. This is not a one time thing, but something that happens as often as we can arrange it. He is of course, longer and thicker than me, and has big balls full of cum. The whole situation is extremely hot to me, and I am in a constant state of arousal.

It is understood that he is the alpha male, which is why he is fucking her, and I am watching and jerking off. They french kiss, and She sucks on his cock and balls while I lick her pussy to get her ready She talks about how big his cock is, his big his balls are and how much cum they hold that I will be eating out of her. She tells me how much she loves it (his cock, what it will do to her, and the whole situation).

I guide his big black cock into her, seeing it open her up, seeing it slide all the way in until his massive balls rest against her. As they begin to fuck, I begin to jerk myself.
They are so into each other, fucking, kissing, sweat pouring off them, changing positions, that they barely notice me. They kiss, tongues in each others mouths. Him grabbing her breasts and hips, her running her hands all over his muscular ebony body.

When she remembers to look over at me, she approves of me jerking off, happy we are both getting what we want. She tells me that she loves me, but that she needs to get fucked by big black cock. She tells me that she wants it to always be like this, she only wants black guys to fuck her, not me. I am jealous but the whole situation is so erotic, his cock is obviously superior, and I am too turned on to disagree with her.

The room is filled with the sounds and smells of their sex, and she orgasms several times. I can see the ecstasy on her face, her pussy being stretched, his huge swaying balls. My eyes are filled with the woman I love in the throes of passion with a big black man, their bodies wrapped around each other. She loves the risk of fucking him bareback, that he might knock her up, the thought of it makes her tingle.

She is in ecstasy, urging him on, begging him to please empty his big black balls into her womb, and fill her with his cum. When he comes inside her, it pushes her over the edge again and they cum together. Seeing another man empty his balls into my partner causes me to cum as well.

He moves out of the way, and I begin to lick her clean. She runs her fingers through my hair as I eat his cum from inside her pussy. She is practically purring with contentment with the fucking she has received, and our lifestyle. As I clean her pussy, she cleans his cock and they kiss each other. Cleaning her pussy gets me rock hard again, and fills me with affection for her, and the desire to do it all again."

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