• Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

This sub trainer will set triggers in your mind to Rose Quartz which is already a very powerful stone that exudes feminine energy!

It is time, time for you to heal. It is time for you to fall in love with yourself. You are beginning to feel the power of the rose quartz. You find yourself drawn to this unique stone. You notice whenever you are around it of wearing it you feel very feminine. Feel the feminine energy emanating from the rose quartz, healing you, washing away all of your tension and stress.

This powerful stone makes you feel as if you are wrapped in the arms of an angel, suddenly all is well in your world, it is safe to be YOU. Feel the power of the rose quartz.

Wearing rose quartz reminds you that you are a beautiful worthy woman. It helps to keep you focused on your feminine journey and your right to complete self discovery and exploration as the woman you are deep down inside. You use this stone to meditate. You wear this stone to serve as a reminder to be yourself. Whenever you are wearing Rose Quartz you feel as delicate and beautiful, as sweet and romantic as a rose…


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