Glorious Bimbo - SubTrainer

Glorious Bimbo - SubTrainer
  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

This new audio is packed with sexy post hypnotic suggestions! To start, it focuses on your intense desire to wear bras and stockings. Once you are dressed, you can not help but long to go down to the nearest glory hole. After all, you are a cock hungry little slut!

Oh how you love the way it feels when you enter the glory hole and you begin to run your hands up and down your nylon clad legs. So very sexy! The desire begins to consume you. Your mind begins to explode with excitement, setting off every PLEASURE sensor in your entire body. You will not feel satisfied until you have a release at a glory hole.

Whenever you are dressed up and waiting in a glory hole room you will feel incredibly submissive. You will do anything to please. It is as if you become a sexy bimbo!

To further your addiction, whenever you see a woman in sexy attire, a trigger goes off in your mind that makes you obsessed with dressing! You want to feel as womanly as possible. You want to explore sexually as a woman, and explore you must! There is no turning back, pet. You must have this experience. Allow yourself to give in. Do it because it feels good.

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Price $35.00