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  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

When I see the color gold, I immediately associate it with royalty. You will notice several new sub trainers that are associated with money and wealth. With everyone continually talking about how bad the economy is I know some of you have been effected by it! I want to remind you that your personal economy has nothing to do with the overall economy. In rich times the rich get richer, in poor times the rich get richer. Maybe you are not rich yet... but that's where I can help.

 This recording is pretty basic. It has subliminal triggers attached to the color gold that will help you feel rich subconsciously. Have you ever noticed when you're feeling really bad, it rains cats and dogs? When you're feeling really good, the day just couldn't get any better? That is because we create our reality, and the basis of our reality comes from our feelings. If we feel poor, we attract poverty. If we feel wealthy, suddenly opportunities fall into our laps, money beings to flow. I've been using the techniques I've put into this recording for years now, they work! So here is a recording for you that isn't about feminization, but it's all about you, and getting what you want which is my greatest wish for you, always.


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