Forever Femme - Trainer

Forever Femme - Trainer
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

Are you ready to say I do? Are you ready to commit fully to your life path as a woman? If you are... get ready to become free.

Forever Femme starts out as a fantasy recording where you see yourself as a blushing bride, but this isn't an ordinary wedding. Instead, it is a commitment ceremony. A commitment to yourself and your decision to allow yourself to be forever a woman! As you walk down the aisle you will make peace with all of your friends and loved ones, seeing them fully support your decision. Whether they choose to in real life or not it doesn't matter. You will FEEL as if you have their support.

There are post hypnotic triggers attached to pink roses and a ring, a very special ring that you will purchase for yourself as a symbol of your commitment to yourself.

As you wear this ring you will fall more in love with yourself each day. You will allow yourself the freedom to be the woman you were born to be! You will stop parading about pretending to be a man. You will stop wearing boys clothes. You will treat yourself the same way you would treat the woman of your dreams. You ARE the woman of your dreams.

I'm happy to be at your virtual wedding and send you off with a parting wish for a happy ever after. I just know you're going to love this file. Enjoy!


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