Forbidden Zone - Trainer

Forbidden Zone - Trainer
  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD
From now on every time you sit down on a public toilet seat you will immediately be transformed into a beautiful, sexy, busty female (inside your mind.) Every time you go to the toilet, triggers remind you that real cocks are being taken out, pants are being unzipped and dropped to the floor. Real, strong, muscular guys are peeing next to your stall and when you hear the stream of pee hitting the water you picture their big fat cocks and it totally turns you on! The smell of cocks in this place is intoxicating. You feel trapped in your stall wondering what these guys would do if they found out that you were sitting there masturbating underneath your sexy panties. You are trapped, like a girl who dared wander into forbidden territory and now fears and dreams of getting taken and used as any man sees fit.
You become so turned on by this fantasy that you find yourself regularly wandering into public restrooms to pleasure yourself. Peek between the cracks in the door to see the sexy, strong, masculine men coming in and out. Imagine them pumping their cocks in and out, deeper. You want that cock don't you, pet?

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Price $45.00

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