Forbidden Fruit - Ultimate Fantasy

Forbidden Fruit - Ultimate Fantasy
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

The Induction: Relax, Sink Down, Sit down, relax, close your eyes. Listen to the sound of my voice as I take you into the deepest of all trances. It is so deep, you will feel as if you have entered into a different realm. You have my dear, my realm.

Imagine yourself walking towards me, slowly. You see me standing in front of you holding a shiny green apple. It is the most delicious looking apple you have ever seen in your entire life. You can not help but partake in all of its deliciousness! Smell the aroma of this magical apple. Taste the juices as they run down the front of your face... you may want to have a real apple handy to enhance the experience!

As you feel the juice dripping down your chin, your face begins to tingle. That tingling sensation begins to spread, SLOWLY. Inch by inch, your body begins to tingle. Inch by inch your body begins to transform. Slowly, you are becoming the forbidden fruit.

Imagine every inch of your body becoming feminine as you listen to the sound of my voice in detail. There is no rushing in this file, just a delicious transformation that goes on and on for what feels like an eternity!

Feel your breasts growing larger, heavier, rounder, fuller. Feel your nipples slowly protruding! Feel your penis shrinking inward, stretching out a perfect little pussy, inch by inch, you are slowly transformed. Feel your hair growing longer and longer, inch by inch. Feel your skin becoming as smooth as silk. Every single part of your body is transformed from your eyelashes down to your sexy little toes!

Part 1: Enter my magnificent boudoir where you will find a million feminine items to choose from. I will guide you as you make your choices and try on multiple feminine items in the following categories:

1. makeup

2. shoes

3. wigs

4. panty / bra sets

5. sexy lingerie

6. sexy swimwear

7. fetish wear

8. formal gown

You will be given multiple options and I will allow you to choose from each category. You will see yourself in the mirror, all dressed up. Every sensation that I describe you will feel as if it is happening in real time!

Part 2: It's time for a night out on the town. I will take you out and show you the time of your life dancing as a woman at a popular night club. You will be admired by hundreds of men and women. You will feel sexier than you have ever felt in your entire life! You will dance with two special partners, one female, one male. Each will have a special erotic surprise in store for you! Trust me, this is a night you will not forget!

Part 3: You and I go back to my place where you get to experience a mind blowing fantasy as a woman with your Mistress. This erotic session includes strap-on play and pussy worship. You will LOVE it!


Part 4: A complete hypnotic fade out... I will send you off to sleep with the subconscious trigger to induce the most amazing femme dreams you've ever had.


Available as a Separate Purchase Only - Erotic Dream Loop - Part #2 of Forbidden Fruit. The triggers have been set in part #1. Use this file to induce erotic femme dreams all night long.

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