Femme Rinse - Loop

Femme Rinse - Loop
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  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

Are you ready to completely rid yourself of your masculinity? It's time for you to try a Femme Rinse! Imagine shampooing your hair with the most delicious and feminine smelling shampoo and conditioner. As you wash your hair, you feel all of the masculine energy within you melting away, literally. It disappears more and more every single day. As you apply the sweet smelling conditioner, your thoughts become softer, more feminine. You are in essence, becoming a woman! Each day you are literally conditioning yourself to be the woman of your dreams!

This is a very effective training loop because of the post hypnotic triggers attached to your actual shampoo and conditioner. Even the scent of your shampoo and conditioner will remind you later in the day of who are you deep down inside. You are a woman sweet heart, it's time to allow yourself to be all that you were born to be. Enjoy!


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