Femme Origin

Femme Origin
  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Have you been wondering where your femme feelings come from? Were you born this way? Are your feelings a product of a past experience? Now you can find out. I'm super excited to release this new self discovery file! Lay down and relax. Allow your mind to surrender to relaxation.

You are guided to a beautiful canopy bed in the woods, where you fall into a deep, deep sleep. You wake to find a diary under your pillow. Next, the key. The key unlocks your subconscious mind, freeing your femme origin.

As you begin to write your memories down, you will not only discover your origin, you will be guided to express how you feel about your journey. This will help you make a decision with what to do with this new information. Should you proceed forward as a woman? Or, do you feel satisfied just in knowing why? Why, do you feel this way? Get the answers you've been desparately seeking today!

This session is also available LIVE by phone.

Much Love,

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