sissy assignment
  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Imagine yourself walking down a long winding path to a beautiful green, open field. In the center of that field is a bed with a white canopy. The fabric covering the canopy bed is blowing in the wind. You are so sleepy by the time you arrive to the bed you fall onto it and fall fast asleep.

Minutes later you are awoken by the sight of me, your Mistress walking towards you, wearing a long white, sheer gown that is also blowing in the wind. I sit down beside you on the bed and notice you are getting an erection. I take your sissy clitty in my hand and begin to stroke it softly as I bring your head towards my big, beautiful chest. I slowly untie the top of my gown releasing my enormous breasts! Feel your eyes as they become locked on my breasts and nipples. As I draw your head closer to my nipples notice how hypnotized you become. Sink deeper pet.

See my milk begin to drip from my nipples, my warm, PINK milk. My feminizing milk. You can not wait to get your greedy little mouth around my nipple so you can begin to SUCK like a good little Sissy. Bring your head closer and suck... drink my milk you little sissy.

As you continue to drink my hypnotic milk you begin to realize that my words are like milk to your ears. Every time you engage in any interaction with me you will be brought back to this moment with your head in my lap as I run my fingers thru your hair and stroke your sissy erection, telling you what a good little girl you are. You need my approval, you seek my approval. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy and turned on at the same time.

You are then instructed to carry out an assignment for your Mistress. I'll give you a hint, it involves sucking and cumming.

You will absolutely love this session! It is layered with multiple tracks to help you sink even further into feminization. Enjoy my pet.



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