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You are addicted to Ebony Shemale Cock! You can not resist it. The more you fantasize about it, the more you need it. The more you need it, you notice your resistance beginning to fade.

Imagine being down on all fours with your lips wrapped around a chocolate pussy stick right now. Every part of your body begins to feel turned on and your cock becomes rock hard.

Imagine your Ebony Shemale Goddess standing before you right now. She is calling to you. She wants you. Down on your hands and knees, pet. Kneel at her feet. Worship her chocolate pussy stick. This is what you are wanting. This is what you are needing. Surrender and obey your desires.

Use this hypnotic program to brainwash your mind into submission to Ebony Shemale Cock! The more you listen the more cooperative your subconscious mind will become, thus forcing you to go out and seek out an Ebony Shemale Lover. Be careful what you wish for, pet.

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