Below you will find prerecorded Erotic Hypnosis files which you can use at any time you wish to achieve a mental state of detachment from your physical male body. Thus, allowing you to explore female experiences as if they are real! While listening to these files you will be in a hypnotic trance. You will believe you are the girl in the story.. Whatever is happening to her - you will believe it is happening to you.

Unless specifically noted in the description, the majority of the files listed on this page do not contain post hypnotic suggestions or triggers. They will not make you do anything once you come out of the trance. 

If you want training, please check out the Forced Feminization, and Mental Feminization sections.

FEMALE ORGASM - Do you want to see what it feels like to experience orgasm as a woman? Download this FREE full length hypnosis program. It is one of my original files that I made years ago. The sound quality isn't as amazing as current stuff, but the content is sure to give you the experience you're dying to have. It has been a fan favorite for over 15 years!  Get your FREE COPY today by joining my MAILING LIST

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73 - 80 of 80 items