Dress Up - Loop

Dress Up - Loop
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

You are obsessed with dressing up in girls clothing. You especially love panties, bras, skirts and dresses. You find yourself compelled to dress up and once you are dresses, you simply must masturbate as a girl! In fact, with this program your clothing will feel as if it is glued to your body until you cum! You can't escape the female clothes until you pleasure the girl within. She deserves it and while you are dressed she is in charge. She can't wait to cum again and again and again.

Each time you put on any article of women's clothing, you must masturbate. Dresses, skirts, lingerie, a wig, makeup, panties, a bra, high heel shoes, stockings, jewelry, whatever! It doesn't matter. The cycle is the same. Dress up, bring yourself to orgasm as a girl. If you don't cum, you're stuck in the clothes all day no matter what plans you have!

What will you choose to wear today, Princess?

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Price $45.00

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