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 Dress as a slut, dress to kill. Hi heels, short skirts, tight tops... anything that helps to attract men´s attention, to make them want you badly. Then, go out to places where you are sure that will be many men. Bars, clubs, stores... Feel their eyes over you and enjoy it, love it. When a well looking, nice guy look at you, smile and be friendly, easy.

 If he comes to talk to you, just ask him about his dick and... everytime someone says that its big, fat or full of cum, you are in chains, captive, and can´t help yourself... You will immediatelly offer yourself completelly, telling him that you´ll do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, weherever he wants!!! And just keep your promise, always. Iit is a very strong addiction, can´t stop doing it more and more... dress as a slut and go out as a bait, a lure to be taken... it´s your life from now on".

 Originally a custom featuring one of my very own AWESOME and GORGEOUS clients! Enjoy! :)





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