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  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

  There is a little devil inside of you. She is a kinky little whore. No doubt you know exactly who I'm talking about. She has a mind of her own, with her own ideas and desires. You like to ignore her, don't you? After you listen to this recording SHE will take over, and it is YOU that will be ignored! See how you like that. The little devil inside is a spoiled little brat that always gets her way.

 You will give in to her desires and whims. she knows what is best for you. She's way more fun than you anyway. You secretly wish you were her don't you? Wait a minute, as much as she is a part of you, you are a part of her, she is a part of you, you are one in the same really. It is only a matter of which part of your personality is in control. Yes, it's time for HER to be in control. You have no choice, surrender, and obey the devil inside.

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