custom hypnosis program
  • Manufacturer: SJ-CUSTOM

CUSTOM Hypnosis for Training or Fantasy Exploration!

Though there are many prerecorded sessions available, I understand not everyone has the same needs or desires. If you have a particular issue you feel you need help or training on, you will want to order a custom recording. If you have a very specific fantasy, you will want a custom recording.

Custom recordings for training are intended to be used once a day for a minimum of 2 weeks for optimum results.

Custom Recordings are approximately 18-25 minutes. Do not be fooled by the length, each recording contains up to 20 layers of post hypnotic suggestions and triggers.  For maximum results you want to be awake while listening, not sleeping. For that reason the length is kept short so that you can easily listen to the recording every day.

If you would prefer a longer recording additional lengths can be purchased.

For fantasy recordings, special effects and background sex audio can be added as well to enhance your listening pleasure.

(Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom recordings)

If you need your recording in a hurry please choose our rush option below.
Rush Orders: Are processed on normal business days, Monday through Friday. They must be received by 12PM EST, or they count for the next day. Processing time does not include shipping if you choose to have your product delivered on a CD vs Digital Download.

Also if you have a script, please submit your script before ordering so an appropriate file length can be suggested, as the fee for your file is decided based on the final lengt of your mp3 and the amount of time involved to make it.

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Price $500.00