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  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

  Chastity... from now on you will wear a chastity device that is only to be removed after sucking a cock! Your sexual pleasure belongs to the pleasure of a man's cock! Does a dildo count? NO! It must be a REAL cock, attached to a REAL man, otherwise the chastity device stays on. You will put the chastity device on and then you will HIDE THE KEY from yourself... you will forget where you have placed the key, until you have sucked a cock. That is the trigger that will remind you of where you have placed the key. You may mail an extra key to me your Mistress for safe keeping incase you are utterly stupid and can not find a cock to suck... in that case, I just may lose it!

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Chastity Device

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Price $45.00