Black Master - Trainer

Black Master - Trainer
  • Manufacturer: SJ - NEW RELEASE

Are you ready to prepare yourself to server a black master? This recording was based on the following custom audio request:

"I have two realistic black dildos that have balls, one 6", and one 8."

Suck on the smaller dildo, picturing a black man in my mouth. This makes me so hot and submissive, I have to finger my ass while I suck. I start to suck on the larger dildo, while working the smaller one into my ass. Picturing myself pleasuring two black studs. I do this until I feel ready to take the larger dildo into my ass, then switch places. Now sucking the smaller one again, while the large one fucks my ass. Having the large dildo fucking me makes me feel so small under them that I am eager to please them. It also makes me feel proud when I feel the dildos bottom out in me, as I know I'm doing a good job and they will be pleased. The whole time, I will be picturing myself worshipping several black masters.
When I can't take it any longer, when indicated in the file, I will bring myself to climax while I imagine serving these black men. If you could add a suggestion so that with time, I am able to cum just from the dildos and without touching myself, that would be great."

This audio turns your black dildos into what you believe to be REAL cocks with voices that guide you to serve them. You will become obsessed with your Masters! You will obey their every whim and command.

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Price $45.00

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