Bewitching - Erotic Audio

Bewitching - Erotic Audio
  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

It was an ordinary night just like any other Saturday night. You arrived at your local bar looking for a good time. You noticed her immediately, the most magnificent female you had ever laid your eyes upon. She looked at you, her eyes gazing deep into your eyes. You walked towards her like a moth to a flame.

When it was time to leave the bar you knew you were going to get lucky but you had no idea how lucky! I'd say lucky indeed.

As the two of you are driving down a long and winding country road, you reached down to feel between her thighs, and you got quite a surprise - hairy legs, that were getting harrier by the second. You looked over and saw that this beautiful creature was turning into a werewoman! Up until this point you didn't believe they even existed! But here, right in front of your very eyes, the most beautiful creature you have ever seen is being transformed into a GORGEOUS werewoman!

Your heart began to beat faster and faster. It wasn't long before you pulled over deep into the forest...

As the fantasy continues... you are lead into a deep cave that belongs to the werewoman. Inside she takes complete control of you transforming you into a beautiful woman! Don't think it's all dreamy because it isn't. It wouldn't be a horror fantasy without some pain! Snip-snip... say goodbye to your manhood! Don't worry though it isn't all a terrible experience! Once your penis is gone it is replaced with the most beautiful pussy. What's a pussy without a cock to penetrate it? And what's the point of having sex if you don't get knocked up on the first night! That's right... not only do you lose your virginity, you get knocked up! Here comes the baby! Ouch! Push!

Expect a roller coaster of emotions and physical sensations.

From now on whenever there is a full moon you will feel like a woman within your mind. Enjoy the gift of transformation!


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