• Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

Do you want to know what’s hot and sexy in the summer? Bronzer! Yes, you will purchase a bronzer and you will wear it all summer long. Imagine beautiful, sun kissed, glowing summer skin.

Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror and you see your golden reflection with just a little shimmer of glitter in it, you are going to feel so sexy and feminine. Notice how soft it feels as you apply it to your skin.

The bronzer makes you feel just like one of those tan obsessed sexy girls, one of those summer divas! You are a summer diva aren’t you? You are loving the way that the bronzer feels against your skin. You are unable to resist wearing bronzer. It’s the must have item of the season, you must have it!

The bronzer is making you feel more and more feminine. You simply must have bronzer, shimmering, glistening, sexy bronzer! You never forget to put it on. You love the way that it makes your skin look, it makes you feel beautiful.

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Price $35.00