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  • Manufacturer: SJ - STANDARD

 I recently found out that my new favorite perfume is Beautiful by Estee Lauder! I thought to myself, what a great product to attach a trigger to! So this recording will basically make you become addicted to wearing beautiful. As you spray the perfume on you, you will FEEL beautiful. All through out the day as you smell the perfume you will feel beautiful subconsciously. The triggers are attached to the smell evoking a feeling within you.

 It is a sense of calm, a sense of pride, a sense of beauty,  a sense of being more feminine that you've ever felt in you entire life! I myself am using this recording and LOVING the post hypnotic triggers. I have noticed, the more beautiful I feel, the more inclined I am to take care of myself by going to the gym, doing my makeup, getting manicures and pedicures, etc. This recording contains a special induction, one you've never heard before. You're going to LOVE it! Feel beautiful.


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